What is OAHN?

What is OAHN?


Public trust and confidence from a collaborative animal health network in Ontario.


Coordinated preparedness, early detection, and response to animal disease, through sustainable cross-sector networks.


  • Each species has an expert network
  • For most networks, a quick, species-specific survey is distributed quarterly to veterinarians to identify syndrome prevalence (e.g., increased cases of neurologic signs).
  • Lab data will be compiled quarterly noting top pathogens/diseases affecting each species from AHL and IDEXX lab data (IDEXX data for horse sector only at this time)
  • Species Expert Networks meet quarterly to discuss and interpret lab and survey results, what it means for the industry, and create action items (e.g., OMAFRA veterinarian to create a fact sheet, AHL to make a podcast, OAEP to notify OEF or ORC of an issue)
  • Focus on trends, risks and actionable items for each industry (e.g., continuing education needs, research needs, emergency preparations)
  • Reports generated quarterly for each species for veterinarians and for stakeholder groups
  • The Expert Network will be involved with outbreak risk assessments with OMAFRA or urgent matters where consultation with veterinarians is required.

Expert Networks:

  • 3 private practitioner veterinarian representatives (*species experts may be elected in place of a veterinarian if not available, in industries such as bees). Representatives will be selected by their peers.
  • AHL specialist, OMAFRA specialist, OVC species specialist

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OAHN Network Members

Below, please find a link to the members of each OAHN Network:

Alternative Species

Companion Animals
Small Ruminants


The answer to all your burning questions about OAHN. What the heck is an OAHN? How do you pronounce it? You know it’s about disease, health, Ontario and animals, but what else? How does this affect you as a veterinarian/technician in Ontario? This is a really quick podcast, lasting only 9 minutes.

Contact Information:

Network Coordinator: Dr. Melanie Barham

519.824.4120 ext. 53364



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