Our Logo

We’d like to tell you a little bit about the OAHN logo, and why it was chosen.  We wanted the logo to reflect the OAHN brand: a fresh, new way to think about disease and animal health in Ontario.

Colours: The bright colours reflect the inclusive, fresh nature of OAHN, as we encompass all species across Ontario.

Shape: The shape of the letters represent a honeycomb, both a nod to the bee network, and the close knit network of a bee hive.  Each part of a hive has its own cell and is unique, but together make a really great product!  Individual bees communicate information for the good of the hive.  While the products of OAHN will be less delicious than honey, we aim to be just as industrious and collaborative.

Trillum: Finally, the flower in the centre relates to our provincial flower, the Trillium, and recognizes Ontario government as a primary funding source and partner, via Growing Forward 2 funding.

Species logos: Each species has been given their own logo that tucks into the side of the OAHN logo.

Let us know what you think!


Species Logos