OAHN Companion Animal Research Project: Brucella canis in commercial dog breeding kennels in southern Ontario (In Progress)

This project is in progress. To see a PDF of the poster below, click here.

Brucella canis is a dog-adapted Brucella species that can cause significant canine health problems, and can be transmitted to humans. There is little information about the prevalence of B. canis in Canada. In the fall of 2018, concern arose about the potential for endemic B. canis in a key commercial dog breeding operations in southwestern Ontario. This OAHN project aimed to determine the prevalence of B. canis infection in commercial dog breeders in this area to provide baseline seroprevalence data to participating breeders to facilitate B. canis eradication in kennels, and to raise awareness among veterinarians, prospective dog owners and other breeders of the potential risk of B. canis in dogs from such facilities.