Equine Canada – National Disease Surveillance Call for September

Equine Canada has sponsored a National Disease Surveillance Call that takes place monthly to discuss disease issues and up to date science that the horse industry needs to know.  Veterinarians and equineindustry members are invited to call in and listen, or can enjoy the call via podcast later.  Dr. Scott Weese, Ontario Veterinary College, is the chair of the meeting.  The September call featured an update from the following:
  1. Equine coronavirus: Dr. Scott Weese

  2. Corynebacterium in BC: Dr. Ann Britton

  3. Antimicrobial resistance in Rhodococcus equi: Dr.Steve Giguere, University of Georgia

  4. Diagnosis of Lyme disease: Dr. Gillian Perkins,Cornell University

Click here to listen to the call