Bees Resources

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Animal Health Resources

General Beekeeping Resources

Extensive list of online resources and courses for new and advanced beekeepers.

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Apiculture Resources for Veterinarians

Find beekeeping resources relating to AMR for veterinarians here.

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OAHN's Varroa Mite Awareness Campaign

Throughout August, Ontario beekeepers are invited to attend free hands-on workshops on varroa mite testing. Find out location, dates, and how to register here.

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Helpful Links for Beekeepers

This list of links provides a great starting point for beekeepers.

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OMAFRA's 2017 Ontario Apiculture Winter Loss Survey

Learn about the number of bee colonies in Ontario, the methodology behind measuring these colonies, management practices, and more.

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Important Contact Information: Bee Network

A list of industry and government contacts.

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Industry Resources

Staying Ahead of the Curve Magazine: The Disease Surveillance Plan 2013-2018

Detailing what the DSP and OAHN completed from 2013-2018, including summaries by network, research projects, equipment purchased, tests developed, and much more.

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Antimicrobial Use and Resistance — Change is Coming

Pending Federal Changes to Address Antimicrobial Resistance

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