Apiculture Resources for Veterinarians

Apiculture Resources relating to AMR:

Ontario Treatment Recommendations for Honey Bee Disease and Mite Control:





Canadian Best Management Practices for Honey Bee Health by Les Eccles, Melanie Kempers, Raquel Mijares Gonzalez, Daniel Thurston and Dan Borges

Honey Bee Diseases and Pests – Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists

Varroa Mite – Sampling and Monitoring Infestation Levels

Government of Canada’s response to antimicrobial resistance

CVO page outlining components of the VPCR as it applies to apiculture

OMAFRA’s Apiary Program has links to numerous info sheets, recommendations, and updates: www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/food/inspection/bees/apicultu.html#infosheets

Veterinary Educational Opportunities:

Veterinary Workshops in Apiculture (organized by the OBA)

OAHN Listing of General Apiculture resources 

For further beekeeping resources, please see the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association website here: https://www.ontariobee.com/outreach

OAHN Bee Veterinary Listserv:

Email oahn@uoguelph.ca to be added to our bee veterinary listserv for information sharing purposes and updates.