General Beekeeping Resources

For a complete list of beekeeper resources, please go to the OBA page:

For industry resources, visit here:

Education and Training

The following resources are recommended for all beekeepers in Ontario.  They are from reputable sources, science-based, and have proven to be successful in the province.  Be wary of sources that recommend practices contradictory to those recommended here as they may not be relevant to beekeeping in Ontario.

OMAFRA Apiary Program: Government regulations and information regarding apiculture in Ontario

Ontario Beekeepers’ Association’s (OBA) Technology Transfer Program: The tech transfer program conducts research for Ontario’s beekeeping industry, facilitates a honey bee breeding program in Ontario and works to transfer information, skills and methodologies to beekeepers.

University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre: This centre hosts a number of educational events for University students and the public.

Niagara College Commercial Beekeeping Course: This college offers many post secondary apiculture training courses.

Reference Manuals

A number of Reference Manuals can be obtained from the Ontario Beekeepers Association

Titles include:

Ontario Beekeeping Manual

Integrated Pest Management for Beekeeping in Ontario

Ontario Introductory Queen Rearing Manual

Elemental Genetics and Breeding for the Honey Bee by Ernesto Guzman-Novoa, University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre

Honey Bee Diseases and Pests by the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists


Additionally, you can access a .pdf of this informative resource from the Honey Council of Canada:

Information Sheets:

Beekeeping Courses / Workshops

Many opportunities exist to pursue continuous learning through study of reputable sources of information specific to Ontario apiculture. It is important to stay up-to-date as information changes, new pests and diseases emerge, and new management solutions or science become available.

Technology Transfer Program (OBA):

University of Guelph – In field workshops and Youtube training videos:

For more advanced studies in Beekeeping:

Technology Transfer Program (OBA) 

Niagara College:

University of Guelph: 

Algonquin College: