Weekly Disease Surveillance Scan (Mar 26 – Apr 1)

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Check out our latest podcast: 2018 Ontario Rabies Update with Dr. Maureen Anderson: Dr. Anderson outlines current risks, how rabies is transmitted, what you can do as a pet owner or vet, and much more.

Updated Ontario Rabies Map – 3 new positive cases of raccoon rabies in two raccoons (Hamilton) and one a skunk (Niagara) this week.

Hantavirus Case Recently Confirmed in Denver: “Hantavirus cannot be spread from person to person or from pets to person. The virus is found in urine, saliva and droppings of infected deer mice.”

How animal parasites find a home in humans: An Oregon woman’s discovery of the worms in her own eye has raised concerns about parasites that jump from animals to humans

Companion Animals

The AVMA has a new toxoplasmosis brochure that you can download for free. Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite that can be passed in cat stool and can infect people.

Coccidioidomycosis in Dogs & Cats – An Important Fungal Infection in Pets – “Coccidioides spp. are fungal organisms found in the soil in the Lower Sonoran life zone”


EEE in Florida: Eastern Equine Encephalitis detected in Emu flock prompts health advisory in Levy County


Poultry producers need to be on alert for bird flu: Iowa Department of Ag urges all poultry farms to be on lookout following confirmation of this disease re-emerging in the U.S.

Check out the latest Poultry Producer report – information about Infectious Bronchitis, biosecurity recommendations for poultry farms, survey highlights and more!