Weekly Disease Surveillance Scan (Jan 15-21)

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Latest Ontario Rabies Map – 1 new case of raccoon rabies found last week in Hamilton. Ontario rabies stats here


Good article explaining BVD testing and the disease in a producer publication: “BVD testing in cattle” How cattle can be exposed and what measures to take if they test positive

Companion Animals

Specialist vet studies bacteria cause of Alabama rot: Vet Fiona Macdonald is researching whether Aeromonas hydrophila is a link to identifying cause of deadly canine disease.

Five more dogs test positive for canine flu in southwestern Ontario

Exciting pet research at Ontario Veterinary College


Check out the latest edition of the Equine Disease Quarterly from Gluck Equine Research Center. Articles on The Role of Footings, Neurological Disease, Microchips, and more!


Genetic tests reveal more about new H5N6 reassortant – The strain has 2 mutations that might alter its susceptibility to the neuraminidase inhibitor class of antiviral drugs.

Infectious Laryngotracheitis Disease Advisory for Perth County

Small Ruminants

Q-fever is particularly hard on sheep and goats


Summary of CWHC Ontario/Nunavut’s 2017 West Nile Virus Surveillance

Information about Chronic Wasting Disease from the US: CWD: Is ‘Mad Cow Disease’ In Deer A Threat To Humans?