Weekly Disease Surveillance Scan (Apr 9-15)

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Companion Animals

Veterinarian clarifies misconceptions about toxoplasmosis

Health agency reports case of plague in Santa Fe County dog


What would you list as a threat to the welfare of horses in Canada? What actions could we take to fix this?

Enhanced therapeutic vaccine platform achieves 2 proof-of-concepts in veterinary medical use

Small Ruminants

Check out our latest OAHN Small Ruminants Owner report. Information about:
-Campylobacter abortions
-Drug residue violations
-Disease updates
-Adult Mortality Project
-Q4 2017 disease surveillance summary


New coronavirus emerges from bats in China, devastates young swine


Monkeypox outbreak baffles experts

Ontario Rabies Vaccine Baiting Distribution Find out details about the rabies vaccine baiting flights, learn about IDing the bait, and see a map of the flight area.

He thought something was wrong with the raccoon. Then it stood on its hind legs – Article on the suspected distemper outbreak in Ohio raccoons.