Top Animal Health Links This Week (Mar 6-12)

To help you stay on top of animal health and disease news, we are posting our top links of the week, which will direct you to important information and discussions around animal health. Below, please find the links, broken down by Network. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you want to see the best animal health links on the net every day. Read our guides on how to use Twitter and Facebook for continuing education. If you missed last week’s top links, check them out here.


Latest Ontario Rabies Update: 4 new cases found last week – 2 raccoons & 1 skunk from Hamilton, 1 raccoon from Brant

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph veterinarians asked to take part in WDG Public Health One Health survey


American foulbrood was found in beehives in Hawaii


A case of bovine tuberculosis was found in South Dakota

Another case of fox-strain rabies was found in Ontario. This case was a calf on a farm in Huron County

Companion Animals

The World Health Organization has information about Seoul virus cases found in the U.S. and in Canada

Learn all about Echinococcus Multilocularis in our new podcast

Foxhound have been infected with bovine tuberculosis in the UK


Check out Equine Guelph’s Research Update – Lots of great information for vets and horseowners


Highly Pathogenic H7 Avian Influenza was found in a commercial poultry flock in Tennessee. More info from the USDA

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) details the highly pathogenic avian influenza case in Tennessee

OMAFRA Avian Influenza Advisory for Small Flock Owners and Bird Fanciers


Emerging Salmonella isolated from Midwest swine