Top Animal Health Links This Week (June 27 – July 3)

To help you stay on top of animal health and disease news, we are posting our top links of the week, which will direct you to important information and discussions around animal health. Below, please find the links, broken down by Network. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you want to see the best animal health links on the net every day. Read our guides on how to use Twitter and Facebook for continuing education. If you missed last week’s top links, check them out here.

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Used the Worms and Germs map yet? Check out this guide for info on tracking pet and horse disease in your area

6 new rabies cases found in Hamilton, Ontario – total cases now sit at 134 in Ontario

Companion Animals

Quebec issues warning for Lyme disease


‘Equine Asthma’ Now an Official Diagnosis

OMAFRA’s Animal Protection Team and What Equine Vets Should Know


Interesting insight into what can cause a necrotic enteritis outbreak in broilers


University of Alberta-led swine study focuses on using genomic tools to protect swine exposed to multiple diseases