Top Animal Health Links (Jan. 14 – 20)

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Some cattle in Saskatchewan are now under federally imposed movement controls as testing for bovine tuberculosis expands to 14 domestic herds in three provinces.


Hundreds of thousands of fish have been killed along a stretch of the Lower Darling River in New South Wales in a second major incident which has led some experts to fear whole populations of local native fish have been wiped out.

The Division of Wildlife Resources has found that a herd of bighorn sheep on Antelope Island has somehow contracted a devastating respiratory disease and is dying off.

Under poaching pressure, elephants are evolving to lose their tusks

Fourteen tissue samples from wild Iowa deer tested positive for chronic wasting disease, bringing the total deer testing positive to chronic wasting disease in Iowa to 44.

One Health:

The emergence of new species of antibiotic-resistant bacteria will make deadly infections harder to cure, with delays in treatment often leading to sepsis, according to scientists from Sichuan University in China.

Scientists are getting ahead of Rift Valley fever after learning from the Zika epidemic.


Building herd immunity aids Senecavirus A elimination

From Taiwan: Dead Kinmen hog tests positive for African swine fever

Officials in Alberta, Canada are reporting the first ever case of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus. The case was reported in a 400-head hog operation in Alberta.

African swine fever: Large outbreak reported on Heilongjiang farm


On January 11, 2019, a positive EIA result was confirmed by the CFIA’s national reference laboratory for a horse on a premises in the municipal district of Bonnyville, Alberta.

USDA Temporary closure of Miami Animal Import Center to New Arrivals of Horses effective Jan. 19, 2019


Virulent Newcastle Disease Confirmed in a Third Commercial Chicken Flock in Riverside County, California as of Jan 10, 2019. 

Research Clarifies How Blackhead Disease Spreads.

Disease control by tweet: The poultry industry is harnessing the skills of University of Guelph computer scientists and their artificial intelligence expertise to get a better idea of when and where avian influenza might next emerge.