Top Animal Health Links (Aug 12-18)

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General / One Health

Hudson Valley Man Dies From Rare Tick-Borne Disease ‘POW’

Massachusetts has confirmed its first human case of EEE since 2013. What is the mosquito-borne disease?


If you’re a beekeeper in Ontario, or a vet who includes bees in their practice, you may want to learn more about acaricide resistance in Varroa mites in Ontario from the OAHN Bee network’s recent study

Companion Animals

Summer is the season for blue green algae toxicity which can be deadly to pets

A great resource for pet owners on the topic of blue-green algae toxicity and risks to your pets or livestock. Summer is the season for this type of algae to be found on bodies of water, and it has been noted in lakes in Ontario.

Canadian Parasitology Expert Panel Guidelines

Asian Longhorned tick and the role of canine (and feline) surveillance

Companion animal DVMs in Ontario – some great tips to help with those frustrating parasitology cases (especially hookworm) in the new edition of the OAHN companion animal vetreport! LOGIN here


Horse tests positive for West Nile Virus in Princeton, B.C.

What biosecurity measures can you use to help protect your horse and farm from strangles? Find out answers in our podcast with OAHN Equine network member Dr. Jessica Peatling

Know the facts about Equine Strangles (Streptococcus equi)

Check out the updated Equine Neurological Disease Surveillance map and stats from OMAFRA. Updated this week

Small Ruminants

Do you have a parasite management plan for your sheep or goats? Learn more about how to successfully integrate fecal egg counts and effective pasture management to help minimize parasitism in small ruminants


Bats waking up to viral reactivation