Top Animal Health Links (Apr 15-21)

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General / One Health

Updated Ontario rabies map for last week

Companion Animals

Potentially Deadly Tapeworm More Widespread in Ontario Than Thought, U of G Research Finds

The 2019 tick season has begun! Check out what’s new this year for Pets and Ticks

First reported UK case of likely dog-to-dog transmission of leishmaniosis


The CFIA has update the premises that have been affected by Equine Infectious Anemia, by province

OAHN Equine Network’s infographic on equine herpes myeloencephalopathy covers prevention, risk, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and reducing the spread


USDA confirms virulent Newcastle disease in Arizona

Small Ruminants

Q4 2018 Small Ruminant Producer report:

•Importance of Working-Up Abortion Cases
•Use of Antibiotics to Control Abortions
• Vaccine Options for Preventing Abortions
• Case Report: Listeriosis in a Dairy Goat Herd
• More


Distribution of pathogenic Streptococcus suis strains in the U.S.


Carbamate insecticide toxicity in a coyote in Ontario

A Dozen Dolphins Have Beached Themselves, Showing The Deadly Hallmark of Alzheimer’s