New alert for those shipping swine to the US (September 16, 2016)

From Ontario Pork:

The following notification has been sent to Ontario Pork Producers, Transporters, CQA Vets, Swine Health Ontario, OAHN & OMAFRA.

Seneca Valley virus update:

· Recently pigs bound for the U.S., having vesicular lesions, were refused entry at the border.

· Vesicular foreign animal diseases (FADs) were ruled out by USDA testing.

· CFIA has commenced its own investigation to determine the movements of the implicated animals and complete its own sampling and testing.

· One assembly yard in Ontario as well as 12 farms, located in Ontario and Quebec, are implicated. Investigations at these sites are ongoing.

What to do if suspected

· Although SVV is not a reportable disease, its detection will shut down processing plants as its clinical signs are similar to foreign vesicular diseases such as foot-and-mouth.

· If SVV or any other type of vesicular foreign animal disease is suspected, it is important to immediately report this to your herd veterinarian and the CFIA. Any failure to report could lead to missing a potential FMD infection which could have huge impacts for the industry.

· Biosecurity measures should be reviewed and movement from the farm should be halted and samples need to be collected and sent out for proper analysis by CFIA laboratories.

· No sick, lame or animals with active and/or healing vesicular lesions should be sent out and that includes movement to slaughter.

· CFIA will investigate all suspect cases which may include taking samples to rule out vesicular FADs. The test results usually become available within 24 hours from the time the samples reach the CFIA laboratory.

· There are no human health and food safety concerns associated with SVV.

Please consult the attached document for further information on SVV.

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