Top Animal Health Links This Week (Oct 9-15)

To help you stay on top of animal health and disease news, we are posting our top links of the week, which will direct you to important information and discussions around animal health. Below, please find the links, broken down by Network. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you want to see the best animal health links on the net every day. Read our guides on how to use Twitter and Facebook for continuing education. If you missed last week’s top links, check them out here.


Updated Ontario Rabies Map – 5 new cases from last week: 1 skunk and 4 raccoons

An OVC pathobiologist searches to uncover mysteries of adaptive immune system


Check out the first part of our 5-part “Debunking Equine Strangles Myths” podcast series

17 positive cases of #equine West Nile Virus this year. OMAFRA’s equine neurological disease page for more info

To help lessen the chance of your horse getting WNV, help reduce mosquito breeding habitats on farm

This case from New Jersey is a great reminder for why you should vaccinate your horses for EEE


Industry Infectious Laryngotracheitis Disease Advisory for United Counties of Prescott and Russell

From the FBCC: Industry Infectious Laryngotracheitis Disease Advisory for Lanark County


Veterinary Researcher Receives Grants Worth More than $700,000 to Investigate Swine Diseases and Influenza B Virus

7 people contract swine flu strain from infected pigs at Charles Co. fair in Washington