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Ontario Rabies Update for August 14 - 2 New Cases

2 new cases of raccoon rabies detected in two skunks (Hamilton) last week.

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Top Animal Health Links (Aug 5-11)

We look at animal disease news and continuing education pieces from the past week, with articles on One Health, bovine, companion animals, equine, fish, small ruminants, swine, wildlife, and more.

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Ontario Rabies Update for July 24 - 1 New Case

1 new case of raccoon rabies in one raccoon (Hamilton) last week (July 24, 2019).

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Disease Resources

African Swine Fever Prevention Infographics

Find out how to prevent ASF in your swine herd.

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Entry Point Signage for Poultry and Swine Barns

English and French printable signs to help stop the spread of influenza between people and animals.

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Animal Health Resources

ASF and Feed - What's Hitching a Ride in Your Feed?

African swine fever (ASF) and other foreign animal diseases (FAD) can be transmitted via feed or feed ingredients imported from countries where these diseases are present.

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Swine Health Information Center's June 2017 Newsletter

Topics include: Diagnostic Support Fuels Search for Answers, Pathogen Transmission Via Feed May Be Possible, and many more!

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Swine Podcasts

Link to all OAHN Swine Podcasts.

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Industry Resources

Staying Ahead of the Curve Magazine: The Disease Surveillance Plan 2013-2018

Detailing what the DSP and OAHN completed from 2013-2018, including summaries by network, research projects, equipment purchased, tests developed, and much more.

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Barn Fire Prevention and Preparedness Tips

Download tips on Reducing the Risk of Fire on Your Farm (by OMAFRA), and Regular Facility Maintenance PDFs.

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