Using Twitter for Veterinary Research and News

Why use Twitter?

• A Twitter account can help you easily find research and academic articles that are specific to your interests.
• You can stay up-to-date on animal health and disease issues and news without having to search for it.
• You can filter social media content to only display valuable information for what you want to read.
• You will be informed of disease alerts and breaking news sooner than if you rely on colleagues and newsletters for this information.
• You can customize the information you want to see.

Important Terms to Understand Before Using Twitter


A hashtag is a word or phrase (with no spaces) that proceeds a “Hash” or “pound” symbol. Such as #animalhealth, #horses, #swinevet. It can be used as a search tool to find other content in a social media space that is similar, or as a way to participate in a social media conversation.

@ Symbol
The @ symbol on Twitter refers to someone’s Twitter handle, or name. To send a public message to someone, you use their Twitter handle @OntAnHealthNet, which notifies that person that they are being involved in a Twitter conversation. If someone mentions you in a Twitter post, you will see a notification at the top of the page:

Using Twitter for Continuing Education

Hashtags as a Navigation Tool
Hashtags can be used on Twitter as a navigation tool, and can be used by an organization as a way to “tag” or organize their social media content. If you see a hashtag on an article that interests you, you can click on that hashtag, which will then bring up all other posts on that social media platform with the same hashtag.

An Example
If you are a poultry vet and are scrolling through the OAHN Facebook page and come across an article that interests you, the article will usually have a hashtag attached to it – #poultryvet #oahnpoultry #poultry #avianinfluenza, etc. To find more articles that are similar to this one, simply click on the hashtag, and other articles with that hashtag will be displayed. This is an easy way to find only the content that you want to read.

Following an Account on Twitter

To follow OAHN on Twitter, navigate towards and click “Follow” on the right hand side. OAHN posts will now appear in your Twitter feed on your homepage. When you see one that you find useful, click on the hashtags in the post to find other similar articles. The complete list of hashtags are below.

You can also navigate to the OAHN Twitter page and scroll through all posts made by OAHN, finding the posts you find interesting or useful, and using the hashtags contained in these posts to find more useful articles. For OAHN, we use specific hashtags so that you will usually only see posts from OAHN. If you wish to find broader content, you can search hashtags in the Search bar at the top, by typing in #horse or #animals or #veterinary to find posts that may be of interest to you.

OAHN’s Hashtags


#oahnvets #oahn


#horseowner #oahnequine #equinevet


#bovineproducer #oahnbovine #bovinevet

Companion Animals

#companionowners #companionvet


#poultryproducer #backyardflocks #poultryvet


#swineproducer #swinevet





Small ruminants

#goatvet #sheepvet #goatproducer #sheepproducer #oahnsr



Sharing News and Information with your Clients

When you are on Twitter and you find a post that will be useful for your clients, simply Retweet the post. Retweeting involves clicking this button:
which appears below a post on Twitter. This will share this Tweet with your Twitter followers. Alternately, you can copy the link and compose your own Tweet. If you do this, make sure to use the @TwitterHandle to give credit for where the post came from.