Top Animal Health Links This Week (Nov 27 – Dec 3)

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Updated Ontario Rabies Map – 1 new case of presumed raccoon rabies found last week in a skunk in Hamilton. More details and yearly figures here.

Fault Lines of Human-Animal Interaction May Aid in Predicting Next Infectious Disease Pandemic


November Bovine TB Update from Alberta:  “As of November 3, the number of positive Bovine Tuberculosis cases remains at six, and all six cases are from the same herd. This herd has been released from quarantine.”

Companion Animals

Lyme Disease Is Slowly Spreading Across the US East Coast: “While it’s clear that Lyme cases are growing in both number and geographic expanse, it’s less clear what to do about it.”

A primer on antibiotic resistance and how it affects your pet from the CVMA

Sault veterinarian says adding blastomycosis to Ontario’s list of reportable diseases wise, but he’s not convinced it would necessarily be effective in stemming number of cases


In coming years, scientists here will study diseases that threaten both America’s animal agricultural industry and public health.

“Diagnostic laboratories an integral part of your herd health team” By Dale W. Miskimins at the South Dakota State University Animal Disease Research & Diagnostic Laboratory