Top Animal Health Links This Week (Nov 20-26)

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Latest Ontario Rabies Map: 1 case of presumed raccoon strain was found in Niagara, and 1 case of presumed fox strain was found in the Waterloo area.

Good write-up and commentary from the OVC’s Dr. Scott Weese and the Worms and Germs Blog: Antimicrobial use surveillance: Canada

Really interesting article on a biosecurity perspective from Australia: “From racehorses to bananas: the importance of biosecurity”

The World Health Organization’s monthly summary of Influenza at the human-animal interface. IT covers new infections, risk assessment and IHR compliance.

CDC scientists pursue deadly monkeypox virus in Africa


CDC Links Salmonella Outbreak to Contact with Dairy Calves

Companion Animals

From the US: The Ohio Department of Health is reporting Lyme disease cases in the state this year are up 33% from 2016. The increase in cases coincides with the increase of the Blacklegged Tick in Ohio.


Positive Case of Equine Infectious Anemia Confirmed in Quebec


The recent cold snap experienced across Kentucky effectively ended the state’s worst outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease in white-tailed deer in a decade.

Minnesota’s outbreak of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in wild deer appears to be spreading within the southeastern zone where it was first detected early last fall.