Top Animal Health Links This Week (Dec 18-31)

To help you stay on top of animal health and disease news, we are posting our top links of the week, which will direct you to important information and discussions around animal health. Below, please find the links, broken down by Network. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you want to see the best animal health links on the net every day. Read our guides on how to use Twitter and Facebook for continuing education. If you missed last week’s top links, check them out here.


The Notifiable Diseases Database is a compilation of case definitions in all Canadian provinces and territories.


Learn about all of the resources and research related to Ontario honey bees and pollinators in our 4-part podcast series


A Disease Prevention Message from Beyond the Grave – Too often we think we know why calves have died, but the Calf Surveillance project shows it’s not always the case.

Companion Animals

Colorado: Dog with plague euthanized, CSU notifies faculty and students: A dog that was being treated at Colorado State University (CSU) was diagnosed with plague and euthanized Friday.

For the past 2 years, Echinococcus Multilocularis has been a concern for dog owners in Ontario. OVC’s Dr. Peregrine and Jonathon Kotwa tell you everything you need to know about this disease in Ontario.

Learn about Raw Food Diets for pets from a Nutritionist Perspective and an Infectious Disease Perspective in our 4-part podcast series, featuring Drs. Verbrugghe and Weese from the OVC


Positive Case of Equine Infectious Anemia Confirmed in Alberta

Check out our Equine Owner Reports from this year – we have tons of great information on Potomac Horse Fever, West Nile Virus, Skin Disease, Antimicrobial Resistance, and much more!

Check out our comprehensive 5-part series on Equine Strangles. Our OAHN Equine Network answers top equine professionals’ questions about equine strangles

Our 3-part podcast series on equine proliferative enteropathy (Lawsonia) covers clinical signs, diagnostic approaches, treatments, farm management, new modalities such as vaccination, and Lawsonia in Ontario.


Our latest OAHN Poultry Producer Report: Ontario Poultry Reovirus Update, Poultry Vet Survey Highlights, and the federal government’s regulatory changes to address antimicrobial resistance

Small Ruminants

Ontario Goat (OG) is helping both new and experienced goat producers understand and improve the welfare of their herd to ensure animal wellbeing, profitability, and public trust for the sector through practical and innovative new resources.


Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea in Western Canada with Dr. Chris Byra – Our latest podcast features an interesting conversation with the manager of CSHIN and CWSHIN about PED in Western Canada